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 The 360° Cheer club 





Currently accepting girls in 1st grade to 10th grade.

The 360° Cheer Club is built on 3 pillars of success:


Cheerleading experience is not required. Each 360° Cheer team will have 6-10 girls with one dedicated cheer coach.  Each cheer team will practice once (1) per week depending on the needs of the cheer team. The 360° Cheer Club is an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) recreational team that builds confidence, ambition, and the spirit of never giving up in every cheerleader.

All potential 360° Cheerleaders are to attend a Cheer Clinic / Evaluation to be placed on a team.  Each auditioning cheerleader must pre-register for one of the audition dates listed below. The 360° Cheer Coach and Cheerleader applications are easily accessible at the top of this page.  Applications are required upon arrival to the registered audition.  The application fee, $25, is paid prior to arrival.

Good Luck to all our 360° Cheer Club applicants!

$460 - Spring (March-May) & Summer (June-Aug) Sessions each

$520 - Fall / Winter Session



AAU membership, practice insurance, uniforms, gym bag, poms, training workshops, and gym rental.


COACH'S CALLOUT |   June 2022   |   Instructor: Master Coach Utterback

Summer - CHEERLEADER AUDITIONS |   June 8 & 15, 2022   |   Team Announcements: June 17

Practices & Games |   June - Aug 2022   |   Instructor: Team Coaches

Fall / Winter - CHEERLEADER AUDITIONS |  Sept 7 & 14, 2022  |  Team Announcements: Sept 16 

Practices & Games |   Sept 2022 - Feb 2023   |   Instructor: Team Coaches

Spring - CHEERLEADER AUDITIONS |  March 8 & 15, 2023  |  Team Announcements: March 17 

Practices & Games |   March - May 2023   |   Instructor: Team Coaches

Finale Local Competition |   TBA   |   Instructor: Master Coach Utterback

 aau lICENSED  

Each 360° Cheer Club membership, for cheerleaders and coaches, include an AAU membership.  Each AAU membership covers practice liability insurance.  It is best to let the 360° Cheer Club staff know if you do not have traditional health insurance.  This will not count negatively toward any application, however, it helps the club identify persons who need additional insurance coverage.

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