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Building complete beauty with resources to succeed in the industry. We offer 20+ years of experienced success in print, televised commercials, runway, coordinating fashion shows, high level model activity and coaching.  


The 360° Model Experience is designed to bring the model experience to all who wants to become a model.  The team consists of a photographer, model coach, makeup artist, hairstylist, and optional wardrobe stylist.  This diverse team dedicates their time to makeover you! You are the center of attention and have the opportunity to build your portfolio, composite card, talent resume, or branding business cards. If you are interested to have this special team help build your model marketing material or just want a 'girls model makeover party', click here.


The 360° Model Bootcamp is a monthly model-training event where aspiring models come to learn what it means to be a model, the skills required, and how to work with skilled photographers, makeup artists, and creative directors. The 360° Model Bootcamp is presented by The 360° Experience group, led by our Executive Director, Regina Warren. With over 20 years in the modeling industry, she knows first hand the skills required to be a model coach. If you are interested in becoming a model coach, you can join one of the only two Fashion Model Coach cohorts offered in March or September.  Follow 360everything.eventbrite.com for the next class graduation. If you are interested to train as an aspiring model or become a model coach, click here.


The 360° Cheer Club allows cheerleaders to build their cheer skills and become self-leaders.  This is an AAU cheer club that actively cheers for other AAU teams such as basketball and football.  The cheer club only has 2 tryout clinics throughout the year.  If you are interested, click here to learn more.

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Regina Warren

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Executive Director


Andria Coleman

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Creative Director


Kevina White

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Enrichment Coach


Lindsey Nowlin

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Model Coach


Anna Scott

Action Officer

Da'Jua Smith

Project Manager


Akilah Dodson

Podcast Development

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Trysten Grissom

Magazine Editor


Adrea Anderson

Sales & Marketing

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